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SERVICES SINCE 1974 with our new added

Embroidery service and silk screening.



The name SPM came from the original name, Springfield Press & Machine Company. We were incorporated in Massachusetts in 1974. We finally settled in Maine in 1978. With thousands of manufacturing jobs moving overseas, we adapted to the times by making great strides from our original base of electromechanical and mechanical assembly work to what we are today. While our company does still perform some of these tasks on occasion, today’s emphasis falls more on fulfillment services such as pad printing, warehouse and distribution, shrink wrap, blister pack, heat seal, and point of purchase displays. We also work with young entrepreneurs who are just starting out and need someone to handle their products from assembling to packing, warehouse and distribution, and more.

We have been packaging millions of products over the years. These products are assembled and/or packaged from bulk, to the customer’s specifications, and shipped directly to the customer or distribution point.

We now have partners that provide injection molding services for any of our customer needs. We process such a wide variety of products through our facility, with most looking completely different when they leave.

Our staff is comprised of skilled people who expertly deal with a mix of products on a daily basis. They work closely with the customers and strive for maximum flexibility to get the job done and deliver the product on time, to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our company has evolved to what it is today not by chance, but by responding to customer needs.

We are proud that we have provided jobs in Maine for over 30 years.


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Our company is working to expand both its services and its customer base.

For more information about us,   at 207-324-0063 ext 308,
e-mail laura.spm@usfelt.com, or fax us at 207-324-0116.

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