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Embroidery and Silk Screening




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Our Services


Embroidery. See our Catalogues  www.companycasuals.com/SPMco
Professional embroidery done on all types of outerwear, medical wear, sports wear, Shirts, hats, jackets, bags etc.

Silk Screening. See our Catalogues  www.companycasuals.com/SPMco
Silk screening with high quality results done on all types of outerwear, medical wear, sports wear, Shirts, hats, jackets, bags etc.

Heat Transfer. See our Catalogues
Any image transferred to your shirts, jackets or bags

Pad Printing services.

Print up to five colors on any product. Packaged and shipped to customer specifications.

Complete Shrink wrap and Flow wrap services.
We have a capacity up to 30,000 items per shift—packaged, palletized, and shipped to your specifications.

Vac Forming and Heat sealing services.
This service can provide a great looking finished product, with our high quality standard.

Assemble Point of Purchase displays.
We process thousands of displays for most of our customers, with the utmost customer satisfaction.

Point of purchase displays assembled, filled, and packed. We also do promotional and specialty packing at the customer’s specifications.

Small assemblies.
We can assemble and pack many varieties of electro and electromechanical devices.

Fulfillment services.
We handle millions of items picked and packed by orders provided by the customers from their inventories warehoused in our facility. We then ship to their final destination per customer specifications.

Warehouse and Distribution services.
The warehouse’s easy accessibility is equipped with all the equipment needed to handle up to 30,000 square feet of warehouse and can ship by land, sea or air, UPS, Fed Ex, LTL, Truck Load, and International and expedited services.

Injection molding partners with US made molding.
We share some of this facility with injection molders who also work with us in growing our customer base by doing some of the molding required.

Return logistic services.
We provide accountable documentation, sorting, and repackaging per customer specifications.

Inventory control and support documentation.
Inventories are maintained and documentation provided to our customer satisfaction.

Shipping and Receiving.
Our fully equipped warehouse, with several accessible docks, handles all inbound and outbound freight efficiently to help assure reliable delivery of your time sensitive merchandise




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